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28 Amp Relay #242

28 Amp Relay #242
Item# 242
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Product Description

28 Amp Relay #242. Replaces all MD relays and requires large transformer. Relay must be mounted right side up to work. (Sticker/wording pointing up).To make upside down applications right side up. This relay replaces smaller ones previously sold #240 & 241. It only works with the Large 24-volt transformers #232 if 110-120 Volt or231L if 220-240 Volt. These are typically not in machines under 20 AMPS. Regardless of what you read elsewhere, this relay requires the 24 Volt transformer. You can replace your transformer with a heavier duty one.

The 242 relay works with all kinds of 110 to 240 volt motors, and all mini breakers. It works with an electrical set-up similar to the ones in the following photographed diagrams. Click and print a diagram for wiring a SINGLE MOTOR VACUUM, or DUAL MOTOR VACUUM under 16 amps, or DUAL MOTOR VACUUM over 16 amps. (When in doubt on amps use the diagram for the larger amps.) Use 14 or 16 gauge wires and put on 1/4 inch flag terminals (all available at hardware stores). Use 12 gauge wire for dual motor setups over 17 amps.

To mount it you MUST HAVE 4 x 2.5 inches of space. Do not allow any metal on the relay (besides the bottom) to touch any metal parts on the vacuum except the wires. There are several "feet" on the bottom to use screws (not included) to secure it. Replaces Omron Relays. Has MFG# DP2020A5021. NOTE: Mid-2004 circuit boards became more popular.