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Central Vacuum Mini Electric Non stock item

Central Vacuum Mini Electric  Non stock item
Item# 97047034A
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Product Description

Central Vacuum Mini Electric.

The Mini Electric Brush fits electric hoses with a standard 2 pin connection at the handle (2 pin receptacles are 3/8" apart at the hose handle). The features of the Mini Electric include: Smart Power automatically shuts the brush down if anything gets caught in the brush roller, protecting the Mini Electric from overload. Motorized brush for maximum agitation. Brush roller spins at 5000 rpm. Two row double chevron bristles for deep cleaning. Quieter than any other hand-held on the market. 120V, 5-1/2" X 6" X 2-1/2" not including swivel neck. Button hole will not line up on genuine NuTone and Vacuflo hoses but will connect by friction fit.