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Control Board Beam Frigidaire Eureka Honeywell Electrolux

Item# 100550
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Product Description

Control Board Beam Frigidaire Eureka Honeywell Electrolux. Control module circuit board for most of these units. Manufacturer number 100550. Alutron 15A 250V 50/60HZ 1/2HP A517-02 GL12.3. Contains relay, transformer, 15 AMP mini breaker, and 24 volt relay. Reset button and low voltage stems are threaded and attach through openings in the vacuums exterior. External mounting nuts are included. This board is from Electrolux who makes Beam, Eureka, Frigidaire, Honeywell and others. Beam Central Vacuum Control Board Models; 199, 35, 167C, 168, 168C, 189C, 189D, 189F, 197C, 197D, 199C, 199E, 199F, 199J, 287C, 297C, 297D, 297F, 310, 399A, 387, 387A, 397, 397A, 397B, 397C, 2089, 2089A, 2100, 2100A, 2200, 2240A, 2250, 2250a, 2250b, 2250f, 2725, 2775, 2775a, 2875, 2875a. Eureka; CVS5500, CVS6000, CVS7000. Frigidaire; FCV212S, FCV460S, FCV520S, FCV212SQ, FCV315SQ, FCV319SQ, FCV460SQ, FCV520SQ, FCV550SQ, 34, 35. Honeywell; H602.