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Dustcare Jet Pac Vacuum Non Stock Item

Dustcare Jet Pac Vacuum Non Stock Item
Item# 09463342
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Product Description

This machine is ideal for home use where you have a lot of bare floors. Suggested more for home use then commercial. 12 amp motor, 4 layer hepa filtration, micron exhaust, hepa disposable bag (or paper), sms cloth bag, 98 IWL suction rating, 10lbs main unit, 10 inch cleaning path, 8 quart capacity, 69 dba level, 18 inch pigtail cord, blower adapter, adjusts for eft or right side vacuuming, crushproof style hose, padded shoulder and waist straps, attachments included, 10 inch floor/carpet tool, metal telescopic wand, duster brush with natural bristles, upholstery tool, and crevice tool.