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Lindhaus Valzer 5 Class A Vacuum Includes a 10 Pack of Lindhaus Bags

Lindhaus Valzer 5 Class A Vacuum Includes a 10 Pack of Lindhaus Bags
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Product Description

Lindhaus Valzer 5 Class A Vacuum. Features a manual height adjustment on the power nozzle to raise & lower per your carpet height. Has an automatic sensor that suggests you raise if needed. Also will shut off if something gets caught up in the brush area. Does not break belts! The nozzle part of the machine is so advanced it will pick up without suction! The nozzle part of the unit is removable so you are able to put a bare floor tool directly on the unit, you don't have to but you do have the option! The power nozzle will pick up on bare floors no problem as well! You can also use this unit for dry cleaning your carpets! Manual brush shut off is standard on this unit! The hospital grade unit itself features a Quiet powerful by pass motor that lasts for years! Adjustable handle for height preference. Does not come with tools on board for people that don't care to have them on board. Comes with a separate bare floor brush, attachment kit. Simple, built well & a true performer! 3 year warranty. Sold in store only.

Valzer has always been the best Lindhaus machine for home use. This new model: Valzer Hepa Class A. The 7-stage filtration system includes the motor protection Carbon Active Filter/Microfilter and is equipped after the motor with the Lindhaus S-Class Hepa filter which assures 99.97% of filtration efficiency at 0.3 micron . This superior filtration system, makes Valzer the ideal machine for people with serious allergies and Healthcare environments. The functions of the machine are now the following: electric broom, vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner and carpet Dry Cleaning System; all included. The professional new high efficiency motors have had new improvements, which allowed to raise the performances and its quiet operation. The new metallic blue colour in conjunction with the light grey, give an elegant and classy appearance to Valzer. Specs: Main motor 700 Watt, Lift 79, Air Flow CFM 92, By Pass valve for motor cooling, Electronic suction control, Full bag indicator, Two Ply 3 quart bag capacity, S Class Hepa Filter, Active Carbon Filter/Microfilter, Blower capability, Sound level min 66,1 dB9(A), Sound level max 68,3, Reinforced power cord 35 foot, weight with brush 9.7Lbs. Power brush specs: 150 Watt motor, Electronic overload control, Protected geared drive belt, metal roller support with ball bearings, brush height adjustment 1-10 MM, Suction width (12), working width (10.5), weight 5.3 Lbs. Double isolation. Total unit weight with power nozzle 15Lbs.