Built In Central Vacuums, AirMaster, FloMaster, ModernDay and SilentMaster. Certain Specialty Residential and Commercial Vacuums such as the Cirrus Evolution, Lindhaus, Riccar, SEBO and Titan Vacuums!

Contact information:

James Allen
Oregon Vacuum Center
45 82nd Drive Suite 45
Gladstone, OR 97027


Don Kirkpatrick had a Vacuum store in Gladstone, OR off 99E which at that time was located in front of the Gladstone Bowling Alley (Walgreens now). After a long business history back east, in which Don owned several Stores, Don and his wife Annamay decided to move to Oregon and open the vacuum store in Gladstone. Don sold the Gladstone store to his employee during the transition of opening up a store in Oregon City. The new store was named Oregon City Vacuum Center. Don & Annamay operated the store for over 20 years. James purchased OCVC in 2004, then launched oregoncityvacuum.com shortly before moving the store to the second location on Oregon City. After the first move, we started transitioning to al Specialty Vacuums. September 8th, 2020, the store moved to Gladstone, conveniently located off I-205, Exit 11. The new location itself is called Oregon Vacuum Center. The website remains oregoncityvacuum.com and OCVC still remains as a directional on the web and part of the business structure.

Specialty brands, certain models sold are the Cirrus Vacuums, AirMaster, FloMaster, Modernday, SilentMaster, Lindhaus, Riccar, SEBO and Titan!