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Lindhaus Activa30 Blue Vacuum With New Stretch Hose Includes a 8 Pack of Lindhaus Bags

Lindhaus Activa30 Blue Vacuum With New Stretch Hose Includes a 8 Pack of Lindhaus Bags
Item# 097345580
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Product Description

Lindhaus Activa30 Blue Vacuum! Features the same great power nozzle as the rest of the Lindhaus Vacuums! With an automatic brush shut off this machine doesn't break belts! Features a manual height adjustment to raise & lower per your carpet height, a sensor that will suggest you raise it up and the brush roll in these units perform at 5000 RPMS per minute without damaging your carpet! Even picks up without suction! Easy maintenance, simply lift the end cap & pull the brush roll out to sanitize or clean hair, etc., off. The unit is hospital grade, clean, lays totally flat & still picks up to get under those areas that are difficult otherwise! Quiet powerful motor that lasts! Easy carry handle on the back, on board built in tools, dust brush upholstery tool combo, crevice tool, Quick draw style stretch hose, telescoping wand, adjustable handle for height preference.

Activa represents a new generation of highest Filtration single motor upright vacuum cleaner. This is a uniquely designed world class vacuum/dry carpet cleaning machine and electric broom all in one. The lightest of its class and at the same time strong and reliable; Activa has two geared belts protected by a patented clutch system and an electronic overload control. Extremely versatile, the Activa has all the tools incorporated into the back housing of the machine; it lies flat, which provides a very low profile for easy cleaning under furniture. It has interchangeable filtration options, hospital grade 3M Filtrete (standard), optional carbon/active charcoal filter (to eliminate odors) or S-Class Hepa filtration. You can count on the lowest possible sound levels from the Activa, thanks to the superior engineering of all the components and dynamic balancing of all moving parts. Converting the vacuum into a dry carpet cleaning system is as simple as installing a special conveyor. No tools are required!For your convenience Lindhaus also offers many environmental safe carpet and upholstery cleaners. 3 year warranty.