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Lindhaus DCS38 Stand Alone EcoForce Carpet Cleaner

Lindhaus DCS38 Stand Alone EcoForce Carpet Cleaner
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Product Description

Lindhaus DCS38 Stand Alone EcoForce Carpet Cleaner. The Carpet Cleaning true Solution. Has a Soft Double Bristle Brush Roller designed to scrub carpet fibers using the OXY-GEN Encapsulated "light wet" method. Natural, Safe and effective. Step 1: Throughly vacuum all carpet your planning to clean. 2: Mix the OXY-GEN with hot water in a GOOD sprayer. Spray a 12 X 12 area or use your judgment, you want to spray the OXY-GEN fairly well. 3: Plug the DCS in and slowing scrub the carpet back and forth then in the opposite direction. Start the next area until finished. Let it dry and done. Usually 2 hours and the carpet should be dry. If you feel it some areas still need attention, do it again. You can't overdue it, the product will not leave residue. 4: Take the bottom plate off the DCS, pull the brush out, wash it in the sink, wipe out the head, let it dry before putting it all back, DONE. The The DCS 38 is the perfect solution to clean carpets and rugs with minimal effort and clean up! The DCS 38 comes ready to clean with a built in telescopic wand and grip and does not require attachment to a vacuum base. The lightweight design and extra long 35 foot built-in power cord allows for high mobility and simplifies the dry cleaning process for small rugs or high traffic areas and up to a full home of carpeting. The compact size, low noise and lightweight design of the DCS 38 makes cleaning convenient and easy to do by most anyone at any time. 3 Year Residential warranty. 1 Year Commercial warranty.