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Lindhaus Diamante 380 Vacuum

Lindhaus Diamante 380 Vacuum
Item# 097216180
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Product Description

Lindhaus Diamante 380 Vacuum. Diamante represents a new generation of two motor multifunction, high efficiency filtration Upright Vacuum Cleaners. It is the lightest two motor Upright that has ever been manufactured. Equipped with a patented weight distribution system that provides an extremely light handle weight. Both motors are positioned on the base housing, while the accessories and the filter bag are located on the lower part of the suction body. Diamante has passed rigorous vertical and horizontal impact tests proving its incredible strength and reliability. The geared belt transmission system is protected by a sophisticated electronic overload control. Thanks to its exclusive design Diamante achieves several unctions with the same machine: vacuum cleaner, dry cleaning system, electric broom and above the floor cleaner. The two motors can work together or separately depending on the required function. Its low profile allows access to cleaning under low furniture. Interchangeable filters are available: 3M Filtrete microfilter (standard) and the optional S-Class Hepa or Carbon Active filter. The patented dry cleaning system (DCS) for rugs and carpets is integrated into the machine. 14 inch power brush. 3 Year warranty.