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Lindhaus Dynamic 380 Ecoforce Commercial Vacuum

Lindhaus Dynamic 380 Ecoforce Commercial Vacuum
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Product Description

Lindhaus Dynamic 380 Ecoforce Commercial Vacuum. The body of the machine features a 900 watt quiet suction motor, lays completely flat like all Lindhaus machines. Weighs 24.8 IBS. 40 Foot 3 wire power cord. Sealed machine CRI approved. 4 Foot attachment hose with 3 foot telescoping wand. Dusting brush upholstery tool combination tool and crevice tool. The power brush features a separate motor that spins the brush roller at 5000 RPMS per minute, 4500 RPMS on the 380 and 450. Easy access to pull the brush roller out for maintenance. Multifunctional machine for carpet cleaning using the OXYGEN product. Manual height adjustment to raise or lower per the carpet height. Automatic brush shut off if the setting is too low or something gets caught up in the brush, this protects the high quality geared belt. Rare that the belt needs to be replaced. The only difference between the three machines are the width of the power brush. 2 Year commercial warranty.