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Lindhaus LB3 L-ION Digital Pro

Lindhaus LB3 L-ION Digital Pro
Item# lhclb3

Product Description

lindhaus lb3 digital pro vacuum. Out of stock see the Valzer L-ion.

Battery broom / multifunction carpet cleaner with 14 Inch Power Brush.


Ideal for mixed environments: carpet - floor Light, quiet and very easy to handle Patented universal brush for floors and carpets Rotafil digital motor 3 speeds Li-ion battery 36V 6Ah Accessories on board Quick release for switching from electric broom to carpet cleaner Integrated dry-cleaning system 1. BATTERY BROOM

Finally, the absence of the cable allows you to move freely without having to go back and this allows you to double your productivity.

Powerful, silent and super handy, it comes standard with the appreciated Lindhaus patented universal nozzle M29R.

The suction is perfect at 360 and the bristles mounted in the center are self-cleaning.

2. ROTAFIL DIGITAL MOTOR This new brushless digital motor is the result of a long development work at the same time with the development of the

electronic management. The result in terms of size, weight (only 450g).


The 4 levels of filtration system with Hepa filter standard, makes LB3 Digital Pro perfect for healthcare environments,

Hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.


Thanks to the quick release neck, in a few sec. the battery broom can be converted into a professional 2 motor upright vacuum.

The power nozzles M30e M38e are both 36V. Are equipped with 4 wheels, height adjustment and electronic overload control to

perfectly adapt the machine to any carpet and rugs.



LB3 Digital Pro has numerous exclusive accessories supplied standard: extensible tube 1-4 with swivel sleeve and handle,

telescopic crevice tool, rotating brush all on board. Many other optional accessories are available.