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Lindhaus LB4 Backpack Electric with PB12 Power Brush 19199468

Lindhaus LB4 Backpack Electric with PB12 Power Brush 19199468
Item# 19199468

Product Description

Lindhaus LB4 Backpack Electric with PB12 Power Brush 19199468. Superlight Multifunction Backpack vacuum cleaner for floors and carpets

STRENGTHS Ideal for difficult to reach areas: cinemas, theatres, trains, airplanes, stairs etc. 5-stage filtration system Battery version equipped with 36V- 6Ah Lithium Ion battery for long runtime Superlight: 4.9 kg (10.3 lb) with battery, silent and very handy Ergonomic handle and aluminum telescopic wand Lindhaus patented universal floor tool M28R Blower function (optional) Electric version with 10 mt cable for non-stop work Power nozzle with Dry Cleaning System (DCS) (optional) Energy Class “A+” (electric version)

1. ULTRA LIGHT CANISTER VACUUM This machine has been designed in detail to achieve high performances, large bag capacity, highest level of filtration even with extremely small dimensions and low weight. LB4 is the “lightest backpack vacuum in the world”. This evident advantage combined with the comfort provided by the padded and transpiring backrest and the fully adjustable padded straps allows to use it many hours a day without straining the operator.

2. VERY LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION Energy consumption is extremely low: 400W for the L-ion version and 700W for the Electric version only. The Electric version is class “A+". Versions with power voltage of 100V, 120V are also available as also of 115V-400hz for use in aircrafts.

3. CARPET CLEANER WITH DRY CLEANING SYSTEM The LB4 Electric can be equipped with a kit including the electronic powernozzle Lindhaus PB12e,a flex hose and a telescopic wand, both electrified in order to transform the vacuum cleaner into a powerful carpet cleaner for any kind of textile flooring. In seconds and with no tools the integrated DCS (Dry Cleaning System) converter can be installed.