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Lindhaus LW46 Hybrid Auto Scrubber

Lindhaus LW46 Hybrid Auto Scrubber
Item# lw46

Product Description

Lindhaus LW46 Hybrid Auto Scrubber! This is truly a revolutionary floor cleaning scrubber drier. It works with batteries and cable. The machine has been introduced to the world market at the Pulire 2011 Show. It is the latest innovation made by Lindhaus, the Padua-based company produces carpet cleaners and scrubber driers, universally known for being the official supplier of carpet cleaners to the White House and other excellent customers. The company distinguishes itself in the market by the quality of its characteristics, but with the new LW46 Hybrid we can say that the results went beyond expectations.

"The idea was born four years ago and only in the last couple of years we have designed and developed the project of the new machine - said a proud Michele Massaro - The LW46 Hybrid is built entirely in Italy: the approximately 250 pieces, the moulds and every component was made in Italy and more precisely in the Veneto region. Each piece is tested in the best traditions of real Made in Italy. "

Power and energy savings guaranteed by the high efficiency two-stage vacuum motor. Easy handling ensured by the lightness of the machine, high speed brush roller, easy to clean tanks, low noise, easy maintenance so that it is not necessary to use any tool, are the strengths of a machine built using the latest ergonomic criteria and designed to meet the needs of multiple applications. CORD OR CORDLESS HYBRID CLEANING Lindhaus is proud to present the worlds first battery powered scrubber drier hybrid. The LW46 Hybrid is a revolutionary floor cleaning scrubber drier that works with battery and cord. The LW46 combines the convenience and freedom of self contained cleaning with battery power and the unlimited run time of a corded floor scrubber into one machine. The LW46 can operate on any type of hard floor surface from 2,000 - 20,000 sqft in size. HIGHLY MANEUVERABLE The LW46 uses the latest ergonomic criteria to make use extremely comfortable and easy to maneuver. The LW46 also folds down for convenient portability and storage. It's extra wide 460mm cleaning path provides superior working capacity up to 16,000 sqft/h. The LW46 is easy to use, highly maneuverable and light weight, just guide it and it goes by itself! Clean in and around obstacles with the world’s lowest base housing profile, just 9 inches. Scrub and dry to the wall on the side and in front with unique open brush face design and enjoy perfect drying on turns, thanks to the easy glide suction nozzle. Like all Lindhaus cleaning systems the LW46 also operates with low noise.

REMOVABLE WATER TANKS MOUNTED ON THE BODY FRAME The light blue solution tank is equipped with measuring cap. The front recovery tank is equipped with a float system and a motor protection filter. All filters are antiseptic treated to eliminate bacteria’s, fungi’s and dust mites on contact. The body frame is easily adjustable 160° for maximum operator maneuverability. It allow easy access under tables and low furniture and allows the machine to fold for transport in a vehicle.

EXTRAORDINARY SUCTION The LW46 Hybrid employs a high efficiency dual stage vacuum motor 24VCC – 360W which is made by Lindhaus parent company Rotafil located in Padova – Italy. The LW46's motor systems are very efficient while keeping with the highest performance levels. The permanent magnet brush motor is 24VCC – 150W, and also manufactured by Rotafil. Both those new motors have been specifically developed for LW46 Hybrid. The maximum power consumption is only 300W during the recharge and in use with the cord.

NEW GENERATION BATTERY The two cylindrical and sealed AGM batteries are made by Optima U.S.A. This new technology allows a much longer discharge time at the same capacity while maintaining the performance. The recharge time is much quicker. The number of recharging cycles is about double compared to the standard GEL batteries and can be recharged as often as you want even with partial discharge. Capable of vibrations, impacts and temperature variations.

ON BOARD BATTERY CHARGER The LW46 is 100% Hybrid, and it works with battery or a standard wall power outlet using the 50ft on-board power cord. The recharging time after a complete discharge has been reduced to 3 hours instead of the normal 12 hours of standard GEL battery technology. The Optima AGM batteries can be recharged without waiting for a complete discharge. The LW46's battery does not have "memory" which requires a complete discharge before recharging the battery.

MAINTENANCE WITHOUT TOOLS Both suction and brush areas of the LW46 can be serviced in the field without the need for tools. The easy glide suction nozzle turns in the opposite direction of the machine in order to thoroughly pick up the water. The suction nozzle can be removed without tools and the squeegee can be rotate for 4 side use resulting in maximum maintenance savings. The LW46 has one high speed brush roller (1200 RPM) exposed in front for baseboard cleaning. The brush roller is dynamically balanced and can be replaced in a few seconds without tools. The brush pressure is operator adjustable for all floor and soil types.

LW46 ROLLERS & CLEANERS The LW46 Hybrid has no limits when it comes to the perfect cleaning of any hard floor surface: marble, wood, ceramic, resin, quartz, etc. With and adjustable brush plate and assortment of brush and abrasive rollers the LW46 can handle any type of job from delicate to difficult. Lindhaus has developed highly effective foam free concentrated cleaners including Neutrolux cleaner & maintainer, and Actiplus floor degreaser. Lindhaus offers a complete line of cleaners for all hard floors and carpeted surfaces.

RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS You can Download the LW46 Hybrid Brochure for details of the new floor scrubber. Please also visit your local Lindhaus Authorized Dealer to inquire about the LW46 for your home or business. The Lindhaus LindWas hard floor scrubbers are only available from your local Lindhaus dealer, the best source for professional floorcare assistance. Please contact us for questions and purchasing information.

For additional information, Specifications, etc., please visit http://www.lindhaususa.com/Lw46HybridFeatures.php