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Lindhaus Oxy Gen Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner

Lindhaus Oxy Gen Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner
Item# che7000

Product Description

Lindhaus Oxy Gen Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner. Twelve 32OZ bottles. Oxy-Gen is a double oxygenated encapsulating carpet shampoo that is absolutely residue free. Oxy-Gen is designed to work specifically with the features of the Lindhaus vacuum and utilize those attributes to deep clean carpets with out the wear and tear or hassles of wet soapy carpet after cleaning. Uses 95% less water than traditional methods and dry 95% faster. Simply spray the carpet with the proper mix of the liquid Oxy-Gen solution. Then scrub the area with the Lindhaus vacuum set to the wash mode (suction motor off). The carpet and fibers are cleansed at a high speed, up to 166 times per second. The deep cleaning action of the Lindhaus brush works to super oxygenate the agents within Oxy-Gen. The mechanical energy generated by the brush is converted to a thermal energy that melts greasy deposits away like magic. Oxy-Gen has a broad spectrum of excellent stain removal abilities. Using the Dual Core feature of a Lindhaus vacuum to clean carpets is as easy as vacuuming, yet produces results which exceed those of typical carpet extractors.

After cleaning, Oxy-Gen forms into polymer crystal which encapsulates the grime and greasy residues that make carpet look and smell bad. These crystals are then easily vacuumed away, leaving the carpet clean, deodorized and protected from future spills. Not only has Lindhaus fully tested this product but I have personally cleaned the stores carpets, my own home carpet and other family members carpets to see if I was able to achieve the same results. It worked so I feel confident selling it! The important issue's are using it all correctly. Use: Vacuum the carpets thoroughly. Turn fans on, furnace fans, open windows if weather permits or at least crack a window or door. Spray the product heavy on spots as well as the entire area to be cleaned. Turn the suction motor off. Run the Vacuum over the area to be cleaned slowly, 1 way then the opposite direction until you feel satisfied with how it appears. Do all areas needed. Clean out the head of the machine, pull the brush roller, wipe down, wipe out the brush housing, leave apart to let everything dry. Put all back together once dry. Vacuum it like normal the next day.