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Lindhaus PB14E Pro EcoForce Central Vacuum Power Brush 191164680

Lindhaus PB14E Pro EcoForce Central Vacuum Power Brush 191164680
Item# 191164680

Product Description

Lindhaus PB14E Pro EcoForce Central Vacuum Power Brush 191164680. Commercial grade unit that will hold up for years just like the other Lindhaus Power Nozzles.

The PB PRO is a derivative of the RX industrial vacuums and includes many advanced features for high usage applications. The belt, like all Lindhaus products, is fiberglass reinforced. The double brush bearings are oversized and sealed for years of maintenance free use. The bearing holders are also unique and made from cast aluminum. The Power Brush PRO cleaning shoe (opening for the brush) is covered with stainless steel plates and carpet protectors. The stainless steel plates prevent damage to the bottom of the nozzle that is common with high or rough usage.

How many times have you inadvertently vacuumed up a throw rug or article of clothing? In a normal vacuum, you at least break a belt, and possibly burn out the motor. With the exclusive logic circuit built in Power Brush PRO, the brush stops and signals the user with a red light. This allows you to unplug the machine and remove the object from the nozzle before damage can be done. Plugging the Power Brush PRO back in automatically resets the circuit and you're ready to clean again.

The Power Brush PRO is the only nozzle to use an independent filter that is washable. The PB PRO is also the only commercial nozzle to offer a side roller for cleaning against walls and base boards without marring. And everyone will enjoy the convenient side-entry roller for quick maintenance or brush replacement in the field without the need for tools. The PB Pro comes equipped with a standard 32mm (1.25") button locking swivel connector and 40" two wire cord with industry standard polarized mini plug for vacuum systems. With the stainless steel shoe plate, full swivel neck and electronic logic system the Power Brush PRO continues to show why Lindhaus stands out from the crowd.

3 Year warranty.