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Lindhaus RX380 Eco Force Vacuum

Lindhaus RX380 Eco Force Vacuum
Item# 190284680

Product Description

Lindhaus RX380 Eco Force Vacuum. This units power nozzle is 15" wide, Cleaning path 14". Unbelievable durability & quality throughout! Comes with a 2 year commercial warranty. The RX comes in three sizes that are engineered to satisfy every application you encounter to obtain the maximum productivity in small rooms of hotels and offices, as well as big halls and long passages. Electrostatically charged filter media is currently used in hospitals for biological control. This same material used at the vacuum exhaust ensures that all expelled air (including the carbon brush dust from the motor) is cleansed to the highest possible level. It meets all hospital sound and filtration requirements. The efficient hard floor tools (LINDHAUS patented) for surfaces like ceramic, marble and wood, will allow you to transform the carpet cleaner into a powerful hard surface cleaner. Its rubber wheels glide silently over every surface. The electronic circuit allows proper height adjustment on carpet. In addition, it makes the motor start slowly, keeping the speed steady. The circuit also shuts off the power head motor instantly in case of snagging or blocking of the brush, preventing damage to the power head which saves both time and money. The brush roller is balanced to eliminate vibration at high speed. The roller brush has convergent bristles and is assembled on aluminum supports with 3 ball bearings. It can easily be replaced without tools. Two rotating cylinders allow the machine to slide along flush with the wall. 2 Year commercial warranty!

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