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Lindhaus Valzer L-ion Digital Pro

Lindhaus Valzer L-ion Digital Pro
Item# 19275368

Product Description

Lindhaus Valzer L-ion Digital Pro. VALZER L-ION DIGITAL PRO Battery Multifunction Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Ideal for mixed environments: floor/carpet Lightweight, quiet, user-friendly Rotafil digital motor 36V-6Ah lithium-ion battery LED lights Multifunctional power switch. Accessories on board and complete accessory kit Patented universal brush tool for floors and carpets PB12/M30e power nozzle. Integrated dry cleaning function


Thanks to the new Rotafil brushless digital motor, we were able to reduce consumption by about 50% with the same performances compared to the brushed motors, allowing to reach 60 minutes of non-stop working.

TOTAL PROGRAMMING 2-motor function, suction motor only, brush motor only, full bag indicator, 3 LEDs indicating battery charge level with automatic shut-off.


Thanks to its lightness and the practical central handle, Valzer is also an ideal machine for cleaning stairs.

Perfect 360 suction thanks to the patented M29R brush tool with self-cleaning central bristles.

For delicate floors, a felt base (optional) can be attached to the brush tool.

With this machine we include a 10 pack of bags with filter, separate extension hose, upholstery tool with brush strip, telescoping wand, and locking bare floor tool.


Valzer can be equipped with the PB12/M30e 36V power nozzle (optional) for deep cleaning of all types of carpets and rugs.

By installing the standard DCS conveyor, the PB/M30e power nozzle is suitable to use the Lindhaus OXYGEN on carpets and rugs.

3 Year motor warranties, 2 year defects warranty.