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Vacuum Attachment Kit

Vacuum Attachment Kit
Item# 4108872497

Product Description

Vacuum attachment kit. 1-7 Piece attachment set includes duster brush with natural bristles, crevice tool, upholstery tool with brush, 8 foot black/silver wire reinforced or crush proof hose, 2 plastic wands, and 1 floor brush with natural bristles (plastic elbow.) 1 1/4" Fits most vacuums such as Bernina, Carpet Pro, Cirrus, Evolution, FullerBrush, Panasonic and Sanyo. Models where they have a suction cover (flap) on the back of the machine and associated with the suction "hose". Usually plugs into the opening for attachments or in other cases you can plug the end of the attachment hose into the machines "on board" tool hose. For machines without tools on board they usually have a cover/flap you can lift up to plug the end of the hose into that opening.