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MVAC M45 Central Vacuum

MVAC M45 Central Vacuum
Item# m45

Product Description

MVAC M45 Central Vacuum. Mvac M45 Central Vacuum Central vacuum with bag 120 V 610 Airwatts / 120 in. succion Warranty: 10 years* Designed for condos and apartments Equipped with our AntiVibraSon system, which eliminates vibrations, and so keeps operating sound levels to a minimum Its round filter protects the power unit motor Electrostatic bag which captures dust and ensures constant maximum vacuum power Limited lifetime warranty on unit's body

M45 Specifications Airwatts 610 Decibels 64 airflow 117 CFM / 199 CMH Suction H20 120 " / 3048 mm Amp�res 12 A Voltage 120 V Turbines 1 Bag Capacity 3.6 IMP gal / 16 l Height 22.8 " / 57.9 cm Diam�tre 11.9 " / 30.2 cm Weight 19.2 lb / 8.7 kg Principle Electrostatic filter bag Filtration Bag + permanent filter