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Unique Manufacturing and Marketing formulates and sells all-natural bacteria products to improve our homes and the environment in which we live. Our cleaning, septic system, and drain products are guaranteed to work or you get your money back... But we're pretty confident you'll love them! Often the healthful benefits of green products are countered with expensive price tags and watered down results. Not only are our products safe, but they're very inexpensive and extremely effective. They just make sense.

For a little deeper understanding:

Nature has been using non-pathogenic bacteria to recycle organic waste from the beginning of time. Organic waste is anything that the earth can recycle. Like food, grease, urine, blood, dirt, feces or anything that is biodegradable. In time, biodegradation will turn everything into water and carbon dioxide. Though a perfect process, it is also very slow. We've used nature's technique and added bacterial digestants, that are completely natural and safe, to speed up the process so it takes minutes and hours instead of months and years.

Removal of organic waste is one of the earth's biggest problems and it's closer to home than you can imagine. Nearly every stain and odor is from organic waste. When your sink backs up, it is usually a result of clogged organic waste. Your septic tank was built specifically to eliminate organic waste in the form of grease, urine, feces, toilet paper and hair through bacterial action. In your RV or boat, your holding tanks store organic waste that is flushed into the water system. In restaurants and at home, grease from the kitchen can stain your carpets or clog your drains. These are just a few examples of how organic waste can affect you.

Most chemical products will break down the organic waste, but will not eliminate it completely, often times resulting in a bigger problem. Chemicals are also frequently dangerous and unhealthy. We believe that nature's way is the best way. Though effective, these products are safe for humans and animals and will not hurt any surface that water will not damage.

Stop adding pollution to pollution by using chemicals and use the most effective (and cost efficient) method available, bacteria and enzymes, and you'll never go back.

And for more info (and let's be honest, SEO purposes):

Whatever your organic waste problem, we have a product that will help!

Our Stain Eaters will naturally and effectively remove stains and odor from carpet, furniture, hardwood, flood damaged areas,clothes,sheets, beds, athletic equipment (pads, duffel bags, car interiors, locker rooms), brick, concrete or any surface that water won't hurt. Our eco friendly carpet cleaning, house cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, surface cleaning, products are you inexpensive natural cleaning solution! For pet stains nothing eliminates faster or more effectively than our Pet Odor Eliminator. It's perfect for cleaning up dog and cat urine, feces, blood and vomit. It will even clean skunk odors without any hassle. Use it to deodorize your horse trailer or to clean the concrete in your dog run.

Our Stain Eaters will eat through smoke stains, mold and water stains and are perfect for home or work. Our Odor & Stain Eater is specifically formulated to clean up the stains and odors found in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, or any other institution.

For holding tank odors or clogs in RV or marine toilets, portable toilets, septic system cleaning, service and maintenance we have our line of septic system, RV and boat holding tank maintainers, cleaners, and deodorizers.

For drain cleaners, shower, bathtub and garbage disposal, toilet drain cleaners and clogged drain openers we have one of the few safe drain openers (and the only one that really works!)

For grease removal, rust stain remover and oil removing we have our Grime Eater. This ultra concentrated cleaner is your natural cleaning solution to a huge number of business and household problems.